ADVK Grip1.5

ADVK Grip1.5


ADVanced K Series Pistol Grip - 1.5


* UPDATE(11/6/2021) :   ADVK is updated to ADVK 1.5. previous version is discontinued.  ADVK1.5 grip is officially issued by ROKMC in September, 2021.


This 1.5 grip is designed by request of Republic of Korea Marine Corps to enhance firearm manipulation. 




-  Built from BASFhigh strength engineering polymer

-  Changed grip angle like modern AR grip pattern

-  Original contailer and bottom plate can be used 

-  Aggressive surface texture regarding MARITIME environment

-  Compatible with

   a) K1A 

   b) K2 

   c) K3 with minor modification

   d) K7

   e) AR100 - Daewoo

   f) MAXI - Daewoo


 * DR200 is not compatible with this grip due to different design of lower receiver part. Buyer may need to mill / grind to fit on DR200. 



* Made in South Korea by MITS Precision