ADVanced K Series Pistol Grip


* UPDATE(9/21/2021) :   Out of Stock, this will be back in stock at the first week of November


This grip is designed by request of South Korea Special Forces Group to enhance firearm manipulation. 




-  Built from Dupont high strength engineering polymer

-  Changed grip angle like modern AR grip pattern

-  Original contailer and bottom plate can be used on as well

-  Compatible with

   a) K1A 

   b) K2 

   c) K3 with minor modification

   d) K7

   e) AR100 - Daewoo

   f) MAXI - Daewoo


 * DR200 is not compatible with this grip due to different design of lower receiver part. Buyer may need to mill / grind to fit on DR200. 


* Minor fitting job can be required for installation. 


* Made in South Korea by MITS Precision

UPDATE : some of your received with sticker texted 'made in USA'.  However this batch we received is not made in USA products. all made in Korea. This is simple mistake caused by using same sticker from previous batch.  this part is not 922r complaiant.